Embrace YOUR Place

Questions to ponder….Is Jesus ENOUGH for you?  Can you simply TRUST HIM and be at peace?  Can you just be content right now, right where your at, in THIS place, EVEN IF nothing changes this side of heaven?  Will you BELIEVE his WORD is true for YOU!!

So many times we say we trust and we say we believe.  We sing about God’s faithfulness and declare that HE IS ABLE and yet we walk around FULL of worry, fear, anxiety, doubt, and discouragement. That is NOT the fruit of trusting and believing!!

SO let me ask…What if what you are praying for does not come to pass this side of heaven?  OR what if the thing that you fear happening actually happens…. (the things we worry about usually don’t occur but just go there with me for a moment).  What then?  Can you trust that GOD is STILL in control? Will you believe that HIS love for YOU never changes even though your circumstances do?  Will you trust HIS ways when you can’t always understand?

Instead of trying to pray away your difficult season, embrace YOUR place! Open your eyes and your heart to what God may be trying to teach you. Challenges can be blessings in disguise because they are opportunities for growth and teachable moments that would have otherwise been missed! SOME things simply can’t be taught by books or sermons but by REAL life, pain in the gut, keep breathing, keep moving, keep holding onto Jesus kind of days!

Consider this…. God has already demonstrated how extravagantly He loves YOU by sending Jesus to REDEEM you!  However, HE didn’t stop there…He then gave you the gift of the Holy Spirit to fill you with ALL that you would need in order to live out the God-given plans and purposes HE has ordained specifically for YOU!  If  HE never answered another prayer, is THAT enough?

This journey is NOT an easy one but it IS a temporary one!!  Don’t wait for things or people to change to embrace the LIFE, JOY and PEACE that is yours.  You go, you grow, you shine brightly right where you are!! IN Christ, no matter what kind of mess surrounds you there are mercies to uphold you!! WHATEVER you may be facing, it is only a small chapter of a much BIGGER story that goes way beyond the here and now.

Friend, EMBRACE YOUR PLACE in Christ! This very day is a gift and God has a PURPOSE in giving it to YOU!!   Yes, even if it IS a tough day, a painful day, or a bad hair day…our Jesus is ENOUGH!

..in Him you have been made complete…Colossians 2:10

Author: MinFair

Blessed wife, mom and Mimi to 6 precious grands. I Love Jesus, my family, friends and encouraging my sisters in Christ! We serve an awesome God!

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